About MineraliQ

MineraliQ believes that all mineral and royalty owners should have the right and ability to understand what they own and what it is worth.

You should be able to:

  • See all your royalty information in one place
  • See how the value of your mineral portfolio is changing each month
  • See where your wells are located
  • See activity taking place on your minerals, even before you get a check


The question that all owners should be asking. MineraliQ creates the connections needed to provide actionable insights and information that all mineral owners need to know. No owner should feel that they do not have a complete understanding and confidence in what they own.

If you take a step back and look at a few companies that have disrupted and changed the way we interact you might have a better answer to that question. Online stock trading has been around decades, why was it that it did not become popular until Robinhood entered the market? Or how about transferring money; PayPal has been around since the Ebay era in the early 2000’s yet it wasn’t until Venmo that we all started sending each other money online. Or how about managing money; QuickBooks has been around since the days of CD-ROMs yet it wasn’t until a free site called Mint was created that we all began to really understand what it meant to see all of our finances in one place.

There are dozens of other examples out there if you think about it. Why is it that all these companies were able to change the way we operate? These companies had a central belief that everyone, regardless of background, had the right to trade stocks, transfer money, or manage their personal finances.

The MineraliQ Difference – Explained

MineraliQ is different, let’s look at our proprietary and unique capabilities to help mineral owners, like you.

Up-to-date Information

MineraliQ uses proprietary data connections to the providers of your royalty checks to seamlessly bring in your royalty checks as they are paid out. This reduces the stress of wondering if you were paid last month or understanding what your average check has been over the last year.

Up-to-date Information

MineraliQ uses proprietary data connections to the providers of your royalty checks to seamlessly bring in your royalty checks as they are paid out. This reduces the stress of wondering if you were paid last month or understanding what your average check has been over the last year.

Automation of Royalty Checks

MineraliQ connects the payors that send you your checks and automatically brings them into your MineraliQ account. How? MineraliQ has a unique relationship with the main provider of royalty checks in the oil and gas space. The relationship allows us to automatically bring in your royalty check information, without any work on your end! All that is required is that you either sign in to EnergyLink or let us find your assets with your help when you sign up. If you manually onboarded, do not worry, you can always go back and connect to your data for automated updates. Click here for a tutorial.

By bringing in your royalty checks as they post, MineraliQ can run various audits and analytics to ensure you were paid correctly and on time. We also automatically update your My Wells list with any new wells that have appeared on your check(s). This allows updated valuations, notifications, and changes to the charts and graphs located in your account. All of this ensures you stay up to date on your assets without having to manually input data.

Powered by Enverus

Enverus (formally known as DrillingInfo) is the leading provider of energy analytics. They have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on everything energy. MineraliQ uses their data to create your Well Cards, Well Timelines, Notifications, Map, and more! Using your royalty check information and Enverus’ data we can connect the dots and provide you with a list of My Wells both in a table and easy to viewmap.

Along with well locations you will see rigs, permits, and other wells around your assets. You may be thinking, so what? Knowing that a rig is within 2-miles of a well you are paid on or that there are permits being filed changes the valuation of your assets quite drastically. Imagine that you want to sell your minerals, but a new well is being drilled, if you didn’t know you might sell those assets for 50% less than they are worth!

Enverus is the only company that has Rig locations, and frac crew locations. This means we can tell you months before any other company what activity is happening around your assets. Unlike most companies, MineraliQ is free! While that may not matter to everyone, why pay for junk data when you can get the industry leading data free of charge? We know that not everyone is a wizard in oil and gas terminology, check out our Learning Center if you ever want to learn more!

Trust & Transparency

Everyone can tout trust and transparency but who can prove it? MineraliQ was created with owners in mind. We believe that everyone has the right to understand and track their mineral ownership. You have the right to understand what you own.

MineraliQ uses bank level encryption to keep your information safe from the outside world. Peace of mind that you are not using a website that can leave your information open to the dark web is critical.

MineraliQ has distilled everything down to ensure you are focusing on the most critical aspects of your portfolio. Well Timelines make it easier to understand what a well is doing compared to a data table of information, automated well matching from your checks to your portfolio, and more! All of this is to make it easier to understand and communicate what you own to yourself and your family.

MineraliQ valuations are based on industry-based multiples for cash flowing properties to give owners a better understanding of what they should expect (at a minimum) when looking to sell. What you receive is a guideline and information to keep top of mind when entering into negotiations when someone is looking to buy your assets. The MineraliQ team has dozens of industry professionals on hand if you need a more detailed evaluation, and will be your trusted advisor along the way with whatever you need help with. For more information on our valuation model or getting in touch with a specialist contact us.

*The reference to Robin Hood, PayPal, Ebay, Venmo, QuickBooks, and Mint are used merely as examples of disruptive technology and do not imply endorsement or sponsorship by their owners of any MineraliQ services