My Land

Most of us do not live where we own minerals. Through inheritance or acquisition, the minerals have been split dozens of times, so while you live in one state, you could be paid in another.

It can be nerve wracking to not know what is happening around or on our minerals. Once a well has been drilled, it is easier to keep track of activity using MineraliQ Basic and MineraliQ+; but what about the minerals that are not drilled? Maybe you have surface ownership, such as a ranch or house, that you want to track activity around?

My Land, as part of MiQ+, allows users to track ownership to the section or abstract across the U.S. You can track activity on drilled minerals or undrilled land. Add notes and annotations on your mineral and land ownership and see what wells, permits and rigs are around your property.

MyLand notes


MyLand as part of MiQ+ will track rigs, permits and new wells around your land so that you have peace of mind regarding what is occurring around your land.


Interested in learning more about My Land or seeing a demo? Check out this VIDEO


This could be the beginning of something great.