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Managing your minerals just got easy. MineraliQ puts everything in one place, helping you understand what you own, where it’s located, and what it’s worth.

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Get Easily Informed

Get an easy-to-understand view of what your minerals are paying you and whether it’s right. Learn what they might pay in the future, and what they might be worth on the market. 

Help if You Need it

Better understand the value of your assets with help from our experts and resources from our learning center. Make confident decisions when to sell (or what to buy) and how to negotiate for better deals.

Be Automatically Organized

Everything you need to know about your minerals in one place, including payments, well locations, and important activity near your minerals that you should know about.

Three Simple Steps and You’re Ready to Go!

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  2. Enter a few statement details


  3. You’re done! Review and manage your assets

Take Out the Guesswork and Stay on Top of Your Finances

See the real value of your mineral portfolio
and how it changes over time


  • View all your payments at a glance
  • Review income trends over specific periods of time
  • Understand how the value of your minerals change
    each month and over time
  • Get an unbiased estimate of what your minerals are worth
    in today’s market

No More Hassles –
Your Minerals Made Easy

Review your data in a comprehensive format
so you can effortlessly manage your minerals

  • Never lose a check stub again! Income and details from your checks are automatically added to your account every month
  • Identify the location of all the wells you are paid on
  • View and track activity taking place on your minerals, as well as activity nearby to see how your interests are performing compared to others in the area
  • Bank-level encryption keeps your information safe

“MineraliQ is easy to use and gives me an instant understanding of payments from my two wells. And when I login, my check stub information is ready to view every month.”

“I had just inherited some income on a well and MineraliQ’s appraisal feature gave me the confidence to hold onto my interest instead of selling it at the wrong price.”

Minerals Learning Center

Your Trusted (and free) Source of Information.
Whether you are a seasoned owner or just starting out, take advantage of our Learning Center to stay up to date with mineral management best practices and oil & gas industry trends.

We have created content just for you, including online presentations, video tutorials, and educational materials.