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Maximizing Your Minerals: Secrets to a Successful Tax Season
April 18 @ 1 p.m. CST

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Meet Our Featured Speaker

Phillip Dunning

Prior to joining Enverus in early 2016, Phillip worked as an A&D engineer in the Appalachian Basin and later as a managing director at an upstream private equity firm. While at Enverus, he has served in various roles, most recently as principal of corporate strategy.

Phillip served for 10 years as an engineering officer in the U.S. Army, retiring in 2021. Phillip holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Ohio State University and a Master of Engineering from the University of Louisiana.

Topics We Covered…

  • Topic 1 | Where oil and gas prices are heading towards the end of 2022
  • Topic 2 | How the European crisis may affect your royalty check
  • Topic 3 | Activity tracking in 2022 (where new rigs and wells are being placed)
  • Topic 4 | Your minerals vs renewables
  • Topic 5 | Government impact on your royalty check