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Leasing in the shale era is the most expensive part of producing oil & gas. A well can cost $4-6 million dollars, but each well is within a unit that represents 640-1080 acres of land that costs between $4,000-20,000 dollars per acre. That means that it can cost more than $20 million to secure the rights to drill a well.
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The question on everyone’s mind is when—or if—oil prices will recover. Oil prices are a global commodity, meaning that a worldwide event has to take place to adjust prices by a significant amount. With COVID-19 affecting the entire world, prices will respond as the countries with highest demand recover.
Industry News
Summer of 2020 has been a rough one—COVID-19, civil unrest, and an energy market in free fall. Not all is lost; with the rebound of travel and activity, we have seen oil prices rise back to ~$40 per barrel. Minerals are the one area of the oil & gas sector experiencing an increase in activity. Since minerals have no cost to own, they are seen as a better investment than a physical asset given the large costs of drilling and completing a well.
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Using Enverus Courthouse, MineraliQ compiled metrics for Permian Basin mineral transactions taking place during the first half of 2020. The following tables offer data on mineral deeds, royalty deeds, and assignments of overriding royalties only. Many companies buy under various aliases, so the counts may not reflect an individual company’s total acquisition count.
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With the start of a new year, MineraliQ presents our forecasts for the market in 2022 and reflects on how our thoughts for 2021 fared.
Industry News
We hear this question all the time: Why are offers to buy my minerals so low? It’s why most people never sell. It’s why buyers get a bad reputation. The real question is, are offers really that low? It’s nearly an impossible question to answer, but let’s peel back the layers of how an offer is made and why they may feel so low in 2022.
Industry News
Oil, being a commodity, is subject to price swings. And sometimes those price swings are wild. Mineral owners are paid well head pricing, or the prevailing market price, unless your lease stipulates a different payment metric. In the news and within investor reports, you will hear the term hedge when referring to oil prices.
Industry News
Retail minerals investors can easily manage royalties with Enverus MineraliQ software which greatly simplifies analysis and tracking of mineral royalty payments. Hear from expert, Phillip Dunning, Director of Product Enverus MineraliQ, on what minerals investors can expect from the 2nd half of 2022.
Selling and Buying Mineral Rights
Mineral rights can be a valuable asset, whether you’re considering acquiring them or thinking about selling. This comprehensive guide offers insights into both sides of the coin, providing you with knowledge you need for informed decisions.


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