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Every year, like clockwork, tax season kicks off with a mad rush to find all your check stubs, deductions and receipts. For many, filing taxes is clear cut, but for those with royalties, it is anything but! 1099s provide us with our income information, but there are still real property taxes and deductions, each with its own litany of complications. Let’s take a quick look at how Enverus can assist during tax season through EnergyLink & MineraliQ.
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We hear this question all the time: Why are offers to buy my minerals so low? It’s why most people never sell. It’s why buyers get a bad reputation. The real question is, are offers really that low? It’s nearly an impossible question to answer, but let’s peel back the layers of how an offer is made and why they may feel so low in 2022.
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Oil, being a commodity, is subject to price swings. And sometimes those price swings are wild. Mineral owners are paid well head pricing, or the prevailing market price, unless your lease stipulates a different payment metric. In the news and within investor reports, you will hear the term hedge when referring to oil prices.
Selling and Buying Mineral Rights
Mineral rights can be a valuable asset, whether you’re considering acquiring them or thinking about selling. This comprehensive guide offers insights into both sides of the coin, providing you with knowledge you need for informed decisions.
Selling and Buying Mineral Rights
Are you considering selling some or all of your mineral rights? The following checklist provides step by step information to help you avoid risks and ensure you get the most for your mineral rights.
Selling and Buying Mineral Rights
Are you considering buying mineral rights? The following checklist provides step by step information to help you avoid risks and acquire the best mineral rights for your needs.
Selling and Buying Mineral Rights
As an individual mineral owner, you receive check stubs from oil & gas companies. Below are definitions of commonly used check stub terms so you can easily navigate the complex business of getting paid on your minerals.
Managing mineral interests can be complex and time-consuming. With numerous payors, varying revenue streams, and frequent updates, it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s where MineraliQ+ comes in, offering a range of features to help you manage your mineral interests more efficiently. One such feature is Excel Downloads.


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