Manage Your Mineral Assets with MineraliQ+

Enverus and EnergyLink’s newest mineral management platform, MineraliQ+.

The Benefits of MineraliQ+

MineraliQ+ offers a range of new, powerful features to help you better manage your assets, including:

  • Auditing tools to ensure you are receiving the correct payments from your payors
  • Excel report generation for easy tracking of your mineral rights and payments
  • Well-level analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your assets and their performance
  • Advanced activity alerts to keep you in the know about activity that could impact you

With MineraliQ+, mineral owners can take control of their assets and use the right tools to help optimize revenue streams and make well-informed decisions. With the auditing feature, owners can ensure that they are receiving the correct payments from payors, and the excel report generation will provide an easy way to track their mineral rights and payments. The well-level analytics and transparency of the software will provide them with a deeper understanding of their assets and their performance.

    MineraliQ+ is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for mineral owners of all experience levels. We are confident that it will be a valuable tool for managing your mineral assets.

      Why Choose MineraliQ+

      Learn valuable insights on your mineral rights detailed portfolio valuation, revenue analytics, and excel downloads for ease of tax purposes.

      MiQ Basic MiQ Plus
      Check Statement
      View/Download PDF Y Y
      Excel Download N Y
      Out of Network Tracking Y Y
      Revenue & Tax Analytics
      Revenue Over Time Y Y
      Revenue By Operator Y Y
      Production Month vs. Income Month N Y
      Deduction Analyzer N Y (Coming Soon!)
      Excel Downloads of Charts N Y
      Well & Map Data
      Map of asset locations Y Y
      Activity Tracking (Rigs/Permits) Y Y
      Advanced Activity Tracking N Y (Coming Soon!)
      Well Documents N Y
      Well Production Over Time Limited Y
      Legal Description Tracking (Land) N Y (Coming Soon!)
      Well Level Valuation (All Wells) N Y
      My Well Valation (Decimal) N Y
      Estimated remaining reserves N Y
      Estimated Remaining Income N Y
      Estimated Portfolio Valuation Limited Y
      Commodity Analytics N Y
      Mobile/Tablet Application Y Y
      Desktop Application Y Y