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An overview of our mineral management software solution

Mineral management can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Keeping track of payments, analyzing data and optimizing your mineral portfolio can be a daunting task for many mineral owners. MineraliQ+ is an online software designed to simplify mineral management, offering a range of features to help you manage your mineral interests more efficiently. Here’s an overview of the features offered by MineraliQ+.

Well & Mineral Audits

MineraliQ+ offers a range of audit features to ensure that you’re receiving accurate payments from your payors. The well-level revenue audit allows you to view Excel downloads of all wells in pay and monthly income receipts, making it easy to spot missing or duplicated payments. The well-level decimal audit enables you to compare the decimal level settlement of your wells with other Excel trackers to ensure that you’re being paid correctly. Finally, the payor revenue audit provides you with an Excel download of payments by payor to ensure that you’re not missing a check.

Well, Payor, and Portfolio Valuations

MineraliQ+ provides well-level and payor/portfolio valuations that allow you to understand the value and risk of your mineral portfolio. The well-level valuations show the value and remaining royalties of individual wells in your portfolio. Meanwhile, payor/portfolio valuations show the value and risk of a single payor or your entire mineral portfolio. You can also use the nearby well valuations to determine the revenue potential of a new well or nearby well that you’re considering purchasing.
While not a professional evaluation, MineraliQ’s valuations tools are a great option for an overview of your assets, similar to property valuations from online solutions like Zillow.

Excel downloads: Well Data Downloads

MineraliQ+ provides five downloads per month, or 60 per year, allowing you to access your data in a format that’s easy to analyze. The check stub downloads enable you to analyze each check and deduction for record-keeping purposes, while the My Wells download provides you with all the essential information about your wells. The revenue download is useful for tax and audit purposes, allowing you to analyze your income over time and track your revenue by property or payor.

MineraliQ+ offers a range of features designed to simplify mineral management. From audit features that ensure accurate payments to valuation features that enable you to understand the value and risk of your mineral portfolio, MineraliQ+ offers everything you need to manage your mineral interests efficiently. With five Excel downloads per month, you can access your data in a format that’s easy to analyze, making it easier to track your finances and make informed decisions about your mineral interests.

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