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MineraliQ Training Hub

Welcome to the MineraliQ Training Hub, your ultimate resource for mastering royalty ownership within our platform. Access step-by-step tutorials, expert guidance, and valuable resources to simplify mineral management and maximize returns.

Most mineral owners are unsure of the future production and income from their wells and don’t have the tools to understand activity or the effect of prices on the value of their assets. MiQ+ provides two methods for valuing your minerals including automatic monthly updates of your assets’ value based upon the actual well decline profile, your decimal ownership and commodity prices. See how to get a more accurate valuation so you are more empowered as you make decisions with your minerals.

Have you ever worried about how much royalty income you will receive each year? Had a hard time filing estimated taxes due to unknown expected production in the coming year? Predicting income on royalties is not an easy task for most owners. With MiQ+, learn how to predict expected income over the coming years and get a better understanding of how your wells’ production will affect your royalty check.

Ever had the feeling that something isn’t right? Unsure if you are being paid correctly or on every property you own? Check stubs can be hundreds of pages long, making it nearly impossible to know if you are being paid on every well. MiQ+ Audits allows you to quickly analyze whether you are receiving payment on every well every month. Analyze if your cost-free royalty has received any deductions to ensure you are being paid correctly. Never worry again if you are being paid correctly.

Do you provide your CPA dozens of check stubs and 1099s at tax time to try and reconcile income over the year? Trying to manage your minerals and track if you received a check from every operator? For many the paper trail creates an unnecessary time waste. MiQ+ Audits allows you to quickly download the history of your payments by operator over the last year or all time. Quickly see if you were paid by every operator or received improper deductions on your checks.

Have you ever wondered if you are being paid correctly? If your ownership matches what your division order says? Trying to determine the ownership paid on a check can be difficult. With MiQ+ Audits, you can see an inventory of your assets and the decimals you are paid by commodity type. Whether for tax season or inventory tracking, being able to quickly find your decimal ownership is no longer an issue.

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