Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have several out-of-network statements with EnergyLink that I’d like to add to MineraliQ. How do I add them?

A: You can add out-of-network properties and revenue with our “Manually Add” features. Follow the steps below:
(1) Click on “+edit” on your desktop or “Modify My Portfolio” on your mobile app.
(2) Click “Manually Add a Well” or “Manually Add a Check.”

Q: Is MineraliQ free? What’s the catch?

A: Yes, MineraliQ Basic is free to all mineral owners. We are launching a premium subscription in 2022 which will provide access to detailed portfolio evalutaions, downloadable excel statements, document storage and much more! You can view pricing once logged into MineraliQ and connected to your assets.

Q: How do I download the app to my phone or iPad?

A: Click “Download to Home Screen” from your browser.

Q: I received an error message stating that my connection is off and to try again, what do I do?

A: Most people who see that “Oops!” message when logging into MineraliQ are either using the Brave browser or using another browser with pop-up or ad-blocker enabled. Try turning those off or using a different browser to login.

Q: I have more than one EnergyLink account, how do I add the others?

A: You can add multiple EnergyLink accounts to a single MiQ account and then choose to view them combined or filter your MiQ view to a specific account in the upper right corner.

  • Click on “+edit” on your desktop or “Modify My Portfolio” on your mobile app.
  • Click “Connect to EnergyLink” and input your unconnected credentials.

Q: How do I add unleased or undrilled minerals?

A: Currently, we do not support tracking assets by land description but are working to release a feature that would do so. Until then, reach out to us and we can provide a nearby well that will allow you to track activity near your minerals that are not in pay.

Q: MineraliQ says my in-network check can’t be found. What do I do?

A: We require onboarding with checks at least 30 days old for security reasons. All fields must match exactly what is in the database. Common mistakes are:

  • Operator: Ensure you are using the name of the company that sends your checks, not your own name.
  • Check Date: Ensure you are using the correct date; you cannot use a check from within the last 30 days.
  • Owner Number: Be careful to input the owner number as it appears on the statement (for Civitas owners try to remove the RV at the front).

Q: My EnergyLink credentials are not working, what do I do?

A: Ensure you are using your EnergyLink username which can be either an email address or numeric string. If you do not remember your credentials, use the find username/reset password to reset.

Q: I tried to onboard my assets using a statement, but it states I have an EnergyLink account?

A: For security reasons, we do not let EnergyLink users use “Find My Assets Using a Statement.” You will need to authenticate your login using your EnergyLink credentials. If you do not remember them, use the prompts on the screen to reset. We do this out of an abundance of caution to keep your data secure.


In-App Q&A

Q: Not all my properties are shown on my account. Why are some missing data?

A: Enverus uses an auto-matching algorithm to match the property names on your check to a well from the Enverus database. Sometimes the algorithm cannot find a match and so no additional data is displayed. Enverus has a team that manually will match properties to their associated well, which can take up to 60 days.

Q: A well shows up that I do not think I have ownership of?

A: The auto-matching algorithm can occasionally match a well incorrectly. If you notice a well that is not yours or an incorrect match, please reach out and we can usually correct the issue within 48 hours.

Q: Why is there no nearby activity near my properties?

A: MiQ tracks activity from the day you sign up going forward. Activity that happened prior to your signup will not be shown. You can interact with permits, rigs and wells on the map to investigate activity that has already happened.


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